About Us

Marina’s Swim School is giving a guaranty for the positive result of all our students. Some students can move forward up to three levels for one session! So, Marina’s Swim School is popular in Canada and USA.

Staff Profile

At Marina’s Swim School, our instructors are highly experienced, enthusiastic, supportive, and innovative. Our instructors come from diverse backgrounds, and are each deeply dedicated to helping our students achieve their goals as swimmers. Some of our instructors were champions of Canada in swimming and medalists of International competitions. The founder of Marina’s Swim School earned his Masters degree in Physical Education, and has over 25 years experience as a swim instructor and coach. All Marina’s Swim School instructors are Red Cross certified for WSI, Lifeguarding, First Aid, and CPR.

Marina’s Swim School Accomplishments

We are proud of our Marina’s Swim School students for their many accomplishments, and believe in honoring these accomplishments accordingly. Upon completion of a swim level, each student receives a progressive card; they then have it as a constant reminder of what they have achieved, and what they are capable of achieving in the future. Learning to swim takes time, practice, and patience, but the rewards are tremendous. We encourage our students, always, to keep trying, and to never give up; it is the surest way to achieving one’s goal.

Reviews from the students and parents.

I have three children with very different personalities. Ale took the time to get to know each kid individually in order to find the most successful way to teach them. With my eldest, patience was the key. Alex knew he was unwilling to learn to swim and slowly found ways to motivate him. Now my son -who never liked water much – is swimming a very impressive butterfly and never complains about going to swim class!. My middle son is very competitive so Alex taps that side of him and tries to find new ways to challenge him and often races him. My little girl loves to learn but needs to have fun in order to remain focused. Thus Alex devises ways to play with her while he teaches her. Alex is passionate about teaching and has mastered a successful mix of stern, serious coaching with some fun and caring guidance.” Thank you, “Marina’s Swim School”!

Joanna, Mom of swimmers

I was a good swimmer, so i thought, and was doing my usual laps in the pool. Alex was kind enough to give me some free pointers on improving my stroke. I was so impressed that I hired Alex for private lessons for the next year during which time, we focused on stroke technique. The challenge was that for each stroke, I had to unlearn many bad habits that I had picked up over the years and that no one had pointed out. I went from being a good swimmer to a very good swimmer. What has always impressed me, beyond his ability to swim, is Alex’s ability to observe a swimmer’s stroke, dissect it and make critical observations. I brought two my boys to “Marina’s Swim School”. They both have become very good swimmers and are on swim teams. I am now waiting for my two youngest kids to become old enough to take lessons with “Marina’s Swim School”.

Taylor, Parent, Swimmer


is fun. They have good drills and teaches us techniques without pressuring us to learn them fast

Diego, Swimmer, age 12


I like swimming like mermaid, and Jania is a good teacher!

Rania, swimmer, age 4


Jania is a great instructor. I’m 18 years old and before I started the lessons with “Marina’s Swim School” I was really hesitant about his ability to teach an adult, but he has made tremendous progress with me. His teaching methods are simple but can get difficult as they go on. I’m glad I took lessons from him and not somebody else. I recommend “Marina’s Swim School” for kids and adults.

Sam, Swimmer


Thanks again, Marina. Loved the lessons. I feel like I learned many valuable tips in your Swim School.

Satbir, Swimmer


Thank you, Marina and her “Swim School”. All her instructor are good. But I’d like to say several warm words about Vlad. He is an incredibly patient and thorough instructor. I appreciate his positive reinforcements and that when he’s giving corrective advice it’s always from a “you can do it” perspective. As someone who can be really hard on myself it’s refreshing to have someone tell me not to worry and that if I relax and keep going things will get better. I really like the fact that he builds a solid foundation to build on. He’s teaching me the right way to do things so I can be the best swimmer I can be. I think he’s an all-around great person to have lessons with. Anyone considering taking swimming lessons go ahead and call or email James to set up a lesson. He’s great!

Tracy, Swimmer


Jania is a kind and patient teacher. I am now a stronger swimmer and a more relaxed one! His breathing techniques are so helpful and I love his gentle teaching style. Thank you, “Marina’s Swim School”!

Shaiza, Swimmer


I took swimming lessons when I was younger and again a few years ago but, never made any real progress. I decided to give it another try and found Marina’s Swim School website. Alex is a very patient and encouraging instructor. There is no pressure or rush to move on to the next thing. He breaks everything down so you can understand it and then builds up on top of it as you progress. I feel like I’m not only learning how to swim, but how to swim correctly with the right technique. The lessons are great, a high point of my week. If you have never taken a lesson before or want to improve your technique you should definitely take a class with Alex.

B. Hall, Swimmer


I am 39 years old and instructors of Marina’s Swim School taught me how to swim. I didn’t

know how to swim (complete ignoramus about swimming and feared water

in general) before taking lessons with Marina’s Swim School. Jania and Alex were extremely

patient with me and paid attention to details of my learning progress

throughout the lessons. I took lessons twice per week, so one day I was with Alex, and another with Jania. Their attention to details was right away a sign to me that I made a right choice in finding the best instructor.

Thanks to Marina’s Swim School, now, I know how to swim. Some of the breathing

techniques have helped me relax in my regular life as well (a huge plus!).

Johnathan, Swimmer


I can honestly say this is probably one of the best investments I’ve made to my kids. I highly recommend taking lessons with Marina’s Swim School, especially if you are a complete beginner (with a little bit of water fear) like my kids.

Chris, Parent


Although I had lessons prior to working with Marina’s Swim School, It was in group settings and often felt rushed. I felt no more comfortable in the water with lessons than I did without them. With Alex patient and loose teaching methods I felt like I was actually making progress and more importantly felt comfortable in the water sooner than I imagined it would happen. Now, I have no fear of the water and am very confident in my growing skills as a swimmer.

Carson Green, Swimmer


Thanks for all instructors of Marina’s Swim School. If it wasn’t for you I would probably gone another decade away from the water. Just after three lessons I couldn’t believe how comfortable I was feeling in the water. Marina, you made Richmond the best it could have been. Thanks to you I can swim. Great thanks for helping my husband, Jania improved his breathing and swimming skills. If you are a beginner like me, or just want to improve on what you know, Marina’s Swim School is your place.

Marcie and John, Swimmers


I am an adult with no swimming experience. After 7 lessons with Alex in Marina’s Swim School, I now know the basics of swimming. Though I am not yet a proficient swimmer (it’s all about practice now), I thank Alex for his patience and guidance in helping me to learn the basics. Alex is a great teacher with a positive, encouraging attitude, and great insight on what, where, and how I could improve my various skills. He can look at my legs at the beginning of the lesson and tell if I’ve been running and my hamstrings are too tight! Overall, a great teacher that I would highly recommend.

Stan, Swimmer


I love Marina’s Swim School, because they offer high quality instruction for my boys, hour-long lessons, and personal training for me while my boys swim all at the same location.

Andrea, Parent


I heard about Marina’s Swim School, from my friends, whose children were swimming with Jania. I really noticed that their child was actually learning proper swimming techniques, which is what happened when my kids joined. Now after Summer Swim Camp, Jessica is really wonderful and fast swimmer.

Irina, Parent

Swimming is an important life skill and I wanted the best instructor I could find for my daughter. So, I choose Marina’s Swim School. The classes are small and the lessons are tailored to each participant. My daughter’s skills advanced much faster than they did in the recreational program.

Megan, Mom


Friends had great success with their kids, so I decided to register with Marina’s Swim School my daughters, who were behind in swimming levels. They were able to teach them both to swim and survival skills in way less time, then it would take elsewhere. My third child is now enrolled as well. I like  family discount in Marina’s Swim School too. Marina knows how to teach kids to swim and have fun while doing it.

Brenda, Parent


Our son was getting bored in other swim lessons – he doesn’t have a chance to get bored at Marina’s Swim School! We are very pleased that the lessons focus on safety and that the classes are tailored to each child.

Kaitlyn, Parent


I you kid is ‘water-fearful’,  I recommend Marina’s Swim School. Small class sizes and the exceptional teaching experience have made all the difference in the world! The use of rewards for accomplishing skills during lessons has also been a real motivator. Our five-year-old has gone from being a non-swimmer to doing basic unassisted front crawl in six months.

Joanna, Parent


Many thanks “Marina’s Swim School”! We are so happy and so impressed with Alex and how he teaches the children. We never thought that Justine would progress this quickly. We never would’ve expected to see her swim with no swimming aids, let alone float a whole lap, with just a few lessons! This is possibly the best investment we have ever made and we will highly recommend your school to more friends and families.

Gladys and Raymond, Parents