Program Target
Adults and adolescents interested in learning to swim or improving their swimming skills while expanding their healthy lifestyle choices and fitness options.

These three programs are designed for customization to meet individual needs; learn to swim in Red Cross Swim Basics, develop or improve strokes with Red Cross Swim. These programs are customized to participants individual goals and rate of progress.

Program Content
The programs are based on swimming ability:
Red Cross Swim Basics – introduces the fundamental skills required to build swimming proficiency.
Red Cross Swim Strokes – designed to further develop strokes chosen by the swimmer, and increase swimming distances and proficiency.

Swimmers in Red Cross Swim programs for Adults and Teens work directly with Instructors to set learning goals and priorities.

Upon completion of Red Cross Swim Basics, and depending on the interest of the individual, the swimmer can choose to further develop strokes and fitness through the Red Cross Swim Strokes program. In this program, the swimmers identify which strokes to develop and the Water Safety Instructor is able to use drills and activities from the Red Cross Swim Kids program to assist the swimmers in accomplishing their goals.