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How Many Students Per Teacher?

Ratio is maximum 4:1. Children will receive the personal attention needed to attain their maximum ability.

Can I Choose An Instructor?

Parents are welcome to make a request however there are no guarantees.

How Long are Classes?

One hour for all students over the age of thirteen is recommended, including adults and swim team. Half hour is optional and available for children under three. 45 min or one hour recommended for children over the age of 3.

Are There Any Age Requirements?

Parent & Tot program starts at 8 months. Red Cross Swim Preschool program is for children 3-5 years of age. Red Cross Swim Kids program is for children 6 years and up.

Payment Options?

Cheque, credit cards or cash. Cheques can be post-dated if the session is pre-booked.

What is after Level 10?

We offer children the opportunity to join our Swim Teams, as well as our Lifesaving Society Bronze Medallion and Bronze Cross courses.

Do You Offer Private Lessons?

Yes. We do mobile swim lessons in your pool. Prices are different for different locations.

Do you offer a Makeup Lessons?

We’ll be happy to give one free makeup class per session 15 lessons only.

During the set, you can schedule up to one free make up for any class you had to miss.

Private students who would like to make up a missed class will do so in regular group classes.

In order to receive a makeup lesson, we require 24-hour notification.

Makeup lessons must be scheduled on a separate day of the week. Make up lessons cannot be scheduled during the regular lesson time. Students of St. George and JCC locations will get make-up lessons in other locations.

Special arrangements can be made for special occasions – health reasons, travel purposes.

All make-up lessons are question of availability of the schedule.

An additional make-up lesson is available for the fee $10.00.

Due to the busy nature of our pool, additional make up classes are not guaranteed, and are based on availability.

Could I take a break of the swim lessons?

Yes, you can stop your lessons any time. We will put the rest of the lessons on hold. The credit is valid for one calendar year from date of purchase.

What are your Cancellations Policies?

Please refer to the Policies page.

Do you provide Trial lessons?

Yes, you can take a trial lesson before buying a package.

The payment for the trial lesson is not refundable.

How Do I Register?

Registration must be done in person or by phone 604-8184650 or online at our registration page.