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How Many Students Per Teacher?

Ratio is maximum 4:1. Children will receive the personal attention needed to attain their maximum ability.

Can I Choose An Instructor?

Parents are welcome to make a request however there are no guarantees.

How Long are Classes?

Our lessons are 45 minutes long.

Are There Any Age Requirements?

Parent & Tot program starts at 6 months. Red Cross Swim Preschool program is for children 3-5 years of age. Red Cross Swim Kids program is for children 6 years and up.

Payment Options?

Cheque, credit cards or cash. Cheques can be post-dated if session is pre-booked.

What is after Level 10?

We offer children the opportunity to join our Swim Teams, as well as our Lifesaving Society Bronze Medallion and Bronze Cross courses.

Do You Offer Private Lessons?

Yes. We do private swim lessons in our pool.

Do you offer a Makeup Lessons?

We’ll be happy to give one free makeup classes for 15 lessons package. To receive a makeup lesson, we require fill in make-up lesson form. Makeup lessons you must take like an extra lesson in another day this or next week.
Special arrangements can be made for special occasions – health reasons, travel purposes.
All extra make-up lessons require fee $10.00. More info in our Make-Up Lessons Policy.

Policies Regarding Cancellation?

Please refer to the Policies page.

How Do I Register?

Registration must be done in person. Please feel free to stop by our location during business hours.

Monday to Friday:  9-00 am – 8-30 pm
Saturday: 9-00am – 6-30pm
Sunday: 9-00am – 6-00pm

Richmond (11111 Horseshoe Way, Richmond, BC V7A 4Y1)
Tel: 604-8184650

Are there session dates? When can I start?

There are session start dates:
– SUMMER SESSION 2018: July 3-August 31
– FALL SESSION 2018: September 4 – December 23
but you still can join the program at any time depending on the availability. Also, you have the flexibility to arrange swimming time periodically with our “put on hold” option.

How quickly will my child learn how to swim?

Each child is unique and many different factors determine how quickly the child will learn to swim, including the child’s developmental stage, any previous experience in and around the water, as well as the child’s ability to adjust to a new environment. Please be patient and do not expect your child to make equal progress during each lesson. It is normal for a child’s learning to resemble a series of spikes and plateaus. However, we believe that many small steps lead to great achievements, as well as lasting self-confidence.

We also believe that every child can ultimately learn to swim with proper instruction and continual support. Please note that consistency over time is one of the keys to success in our program.

We ask that you do your best to consistently bring your child to swim class. Parents should be patient, respect kid’s pace, support them and to motivate them.

What if my child cries?

Let us start by saying that it is completely normal for a child to cry during the child’s first swim lesson(s). Consider the child’s perspective—he or she is in a strange environment in the care of an unfamiliar instructor. That said, we train our teachers to understand the nature of a child’s fear. The instructor will then work to gain the trust of the child, in part by acknowledging the child’s fear, and then help the child to conquer the fear. Often, a simple reassurance makes all the difference.

As a parent, the best thing you can do for your child is to keep bringing your child to swim class. Continuing to do so sends the message to your child that you, as the child’s primary caregiver, approve and trust in this new activity, which in turn, helps your child to better adjust and overcome your child’s fear. Please consider that delaying or avoiding swim lessons may serve to reinforce your child’s fear, and create a situation that is more difficult to overcome.

The next best thing is to praise them for their participation in class. We are going to tell them how brave and what a big boy or girl they are, but we are certain that these compliments will have a greater impact coming from you!

How can I contact my child’s teacher?

If you wish to contact your child’s teacher for any reason, please send your question and concern to If a reply is needed, your instructor supervisor will usually respond within twenty-four hours of his or her receipt of the form.

What will my child need to bring to swim class?

Your child needs to have his or her own pair of goggles. If your child has long hair, we ask that you tie it back in a ponytail or have your child wear a swim cap, so that it does not interfere with your child’s swimming. For your convenience, we have goggles available for sale in the office.

At what age should my child begin swim lessons?

In accordance with guidelines set forth by both the United States Swim School Association and the Canada Swim School Association, we believe that children are ready to begin swim lessons at any time after they have reached six months of age. The earlier that a child is enrolled into a learn-to-swim program, the better! We find that children who begin swim classes before they reach one year of age generally accept the water more readily than older children. Fear of the water is acquired over time.

Infant and toddler aquatic programs are very popular among parents and kids. They are a good way to teach your kids to enjoy being in the water and ultimately, they learn breath control. Our program also helps teach parents how to be safe around the water and how to interact with their kids in the water.

The older a child is when first beginning a learn-to-swim program, the more challenging his or her fear will likely be to overcome.

Do you consider age or ability when determining a student’s level?

Our primary consideration in determining your child’s level in our program is your child’s physical ability and aquatic experience. Age is a secondary consideration in that we will attempt to match students’ ages in a class to within two to three years. However, we cannot guarantee this range.

The most of kids after 6 years old need 5-6 lessons to move to the next level in our school.

How many lessons per week are recommended?

Practice makes perfect. Therefore, assistance is very important and directly influences in the learning process. We recommend that babies under 18 months take one or two classes a week. Kids over 18 months should ideally take two or more per week.

What do I need to bring for my first lesson?

  • Registration form and payment (cash, if you haven’t paid prior)
  • Swim diapers for Parent & Tot program
  • Bathing suit
  • Towel
  • Long hair must be held with an elastic or swim cap
  • Googles

How does swimming benefit you?

  • Promotes self confidence, and build self esteem
  • Aids in the development of social skills
  • It’s relaxing, enjoyable and mood elevating
  • Helps to develop coordination, balance, motor and psychomotor skills
  • Develops muscle tone, pulmonary capacity and improve your circulatory system
  • Strengthen the entire muscular system, specially the back, promoting better posture
  • Develops the sensory system
  • It is a lifelong activity

I cannot assist to a class, or I am going on vacation soon, do I lose my class and my money?

The great thing, that you can put on hold the rest of the lessons of the package by calling 604-8184650 or send email:
If you go on vacation or you have to put on hold your swim lessons for any reason, just let us know in advance. It’s that simple! Just remember if you stop for more than 2 weeks, your times will be offered to other clients.

I am interested in taking swimming lessons, what shall I do?

You should send us an e-mail at least one week previous to your desired starting date with the following information :

  • a brief description of the student, name, age, previous experience, and other relevant information
  • complete address, including postal code, and place where the student will be taking the classes
  • all days and times available for the classes, morning, noon and afternoon
  • fill your registration form out, sign and send it to us via mail or email, with check or credit card number to cover the total amount of the swimming package, we will opportunely send you an e-mail indicating such amount. All payments are accepted before starting the first lesson of the package