Marina’s Swim School teaches children of all ages water survival skills including stroke development, breathing techniques and skill coordination. We are seeking franchisees that will demonstrate a commitment to the Marina’s Swim School philosophy and brand values, help maintain and improve the quality of our products and services, provide excellent customer service and preserve our brand name a company standards.
Marina’s Swim School is also seeking college educated people with some business, management and/or sales experience.

    Ideal franchisee candidates will possess high energy, professional demeanor, and strong standards of excellence, honesty and integrity:

    • Are you results oriented and focused on the goal?
    • Are you strategic and tactical?
    • Are you able to follow a proven system?
    • Do you possess sales and customer service skills?
    • Are you responsible, self-directed and self managed?
    • Do you communicate well with people?
    • Are you able to lead, train and manage employees?
    • Do you communicate well with others?
    • Do you possess and expect honestly and integrity from others?
    • Do you get involved?
    • Do you have a strong operational focus?
    • Can you multi-task?
    • Can you created win-win solutions?
    • Can you problem solve?
    • Are you action oriented?
    • Are you a strong decision maker?
    • Do you have a common sense approach to business?
    • Do you put forth an effort and play to win?

This amount reflects our current estimate of your initial investment for a Marina’s Swim School Business. The amounts shown are our best estimate of the amount you will spend for the purposes indicated. However, your actual cost might be higher or lower depending on your particular circumstances. Your costs depend on how closely you follow our methods and procedures; your management and sales skills and experience and business acumen; local economic conditions; the local market for advertising; the prevailing wage rate; and the employment levels reached during the initial period. We relied on the experience of our affiliates and owners in operating Marina’s Swim School Businesses or similar businesses for many years and in operating Marina’s Swim School Businesses from pools owned by third parties over the last 3 years to compile the estimates in the table above. You should review these figures carefully with a business advisor before deciding to acquire the franchise. We do not offer financing directly or indirectly for any part of the initial investment. The availability and terms of financing depend on many factors, including the availability of financing generally, your credit worthiness and collateral and lending policies of financial institutions from which you request a loan.


1. Complete franchise inquiry form below and have an initial introductory conversation with one of the Marina’s executive
2. Swim School Franchise Team
3. Complete our Franchise Request for Consideration Form
4. Review of the FRFC by MSS executive team
5. Participate in Webinar on MSS franchise model, opportunity, requirements, benefits
6. Delivery and review of the Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD)
7. Set up phone meeting to review FDD and Executive Team Interview with the Founder of MSS
8. Discovery Day at one of our current Marina’s Swim School locations.
9. Sign Franchise Agreement and Initial Investment (see below)
10. Training at Marina’s Swim School Corporate
11. Pool(s) site selection
12. Pre-opening and registration
13. Launch your Marina’s Swim School franchise

The time line from Step One to Step 12 is approximately 6 to 12 weeks depending on due diligence.
We are seeking like-minded individuals. Good work ethics, integrity and a commitment to excellence are the requirements to be considered to become a Marina’s Swim School franchisee. If you feel that your background and outlook might be a good fit for Marina’s Swim School Franchise then we invite you to complete our “Franchise Information Request Form” and we will contact you shortly for an overview of our franchise.