WINTER SESSION 2019: January 2 – March 31

The River Club, Richmond
(You can join to us during the Session at any day)

11111 Horseshoe Way, Richmond

Hours of operation:
Monday to Friday:       9:00am-9:00pm
Saturday & Sunday:    9:00am-9:00pm

Sport Mall, Richmond (New Location from April/May 2019)
1751 Savage Road, Unit 110
Monday to Friday:       9:00am-9:00pm
Saturday & Sunday:    9:00am-9:00pm

Jewish Community, 950 W. 41st Ave, Vancouver (from January 11)

Hours of operation:
Friday: 4:00pm-6:15pm (Swim Team only)

Registration is continuing!

You can combine Swim and Tennis Camps.


SPRING SESSION 2019: April 1 – June 30

They make the perfect gift for kids, birthdays, adults, etc!
You may purchase 5 or 10 lessons (any program) or a Parent & Tot session (10 lessons) for amount you would like, but the recipient must sign up and pay the remainder of the balance.

If you are interested just call Marina at 604-818-4650 or e-mail:

An annual registration fee for each student is due with the first registration of the calendar year.  The registration fees are $35.00 for each family member, maximum of $105.00 per family. Any registration fees paid after December 1st will be extended through the following year.

Check our schedule and price list

We would like to remind everyone that even children with excellent swimming skills need the watchful eye of an adult to keep them safer in the water. Please remember that no child should ever be considered “water safe” or “drown proof” regardless of swimming experience or ability. Children should never be left unattended around pools or open water.
Statistics continue to indicate that drowning is still the leading cause of death in children under age 5. Parent education about water safety is very important in preventing this. Our business is not only teaching swimming, but also teaching your child and family to be safer in and around the water. Please remember that all parents, caretakers, and baby sitters should be certified in CPR.

ATTENTION: This location is closed for summer.

Jewish Community Centre (Re-open on September 21)
950 W. 41st Avenue, Vancouver

Red Cross Swim Programs

Love us

Open 7 days a week, Marina’s Swim School employs fully certified instructors that are eager to show you and your kids safe and enjoyable water activities. Choose from a variety of private and group swimming lessons.

Water Confidence

There is nothing like swimming as a sport to improve your water ability, technique, and confidence.

Get your first star quick

This ability combined with 30 years international experience and our love for people, especially children resulted in accomplishment and progression in swimming even when the student had been very unsuccessful in the past.

Basic Survival Skill

Learn to swim.  If you know how to tread water and swim to the water’s edge it will potentially save your life and the life of a child or other adults.

Never late to start

Today Marina’s Swim School has students from small babies to Senior citizens. All the instructors are professionals and carefully instructed and trained to teach in the style and method that has made us so famous.

Why choose us

5 reasons why choose Marina’s Swim School

At Marina’s Swim School, our instructors are highly experienced, enthusiastic, supportive, and innovative. Our instructors come from diverse backgrounds, and are each deeply dedicated to helping our students achieve their goals as swimmers. Some of our instructors were champions of Canada in swimming and medalists of International competitions. The founder of Marina’s Swim School earned his Masters degree in Physical Education, and has over 25 years experience as a swim instructor and coach. All Marina’s Swim School instructors are Red Cross certified for WSI, Lifeguarding, First Aid, and CPR

Our Partners

Our Process

  • 1. Registration

    Register for your first step in to success as a professional swimmer. Simply send you message, call or visit one of our locations in Richmond, Whiterock or Vancouver, BC.

  • 2. Know your swimming level

    Our professional trainers will help you to find your swimming level and assign you or your child to the right class.

  • 3. Start swimming

    Our convenient schedule and locations can help you to start swimming at convenient time and day. Need a private trainer? Not a problem, just give us a call and we will happy to assign you a private teacher.

  • 4. Finish all swimming levels

    Finish all swimming levels and be confident in the water under any conditions.

  • 5. Swim team

    We are inviting you and your friend to learn with us how to swim Better, Faster and more efficient. There two essential parts to successful swimming – technique and training.

  • 6. Join on water safety and AWSI/WSI courses

    For many Canadian families, summer includes activities such as boating and swimming. But each year, tragic and avoidable water-related fatalities occur across Canada.

    Learning water safety-such as how to prepare for an emergency, and what to do if one should occur-is key to preventing an emergency in or on the water. It’s swimming skills combined with safety knowledge and skills that saves lives.

We learn according ability of the kids, not one level for one session!