Release: (a) releases Marina’s Swim School (“School”) from all claims and liabilities whatsoever arising from participation in or attendance at School’s current or future programs by the undersigned, the undersigned’s child(ren) or any associated spectator(s);

Refunds/Credits: (b) No refund for any cancellation of a trial lesson, but the credit available for 3 months.
No refund available, if a package was started. The year registration fee $35.00 doesn’t refundable. You have the option: to put on hold your package. The credit is available for 12 months.

Make-up Policy: (c) acknowledges that the undersigned or the undersigned’s child(s) participating in a “School’s” program will only be entitled to a maximum of 1 free make-up lessons per 15 lessons package. “School” makes no guarantees that the student will have his/her regular instructor for the make-up lesson. No monetary refunds will be available for missed classes (whether School’s has received prior notice). Make-up lessons may be used only during the current session. There will be no make-up lessons for the last class in each session. Any extra make-up lesson fee is $10.00. All make-up lessons are question of schedule’s availability.

NSF Cheque: (d) Any cheque returned due to non-sufficient funds must be replaced immediately with a new cheque covering the full amount owing, together with an administration charge of $50.00.

Information and Registration: (e) The information in the registration Form is true and correct; and the undersigned acknowledges that he/she has read and understood all policies and information contained in this Authorization, Release and Acknowledgement form and the registration form.

OUR PROGRAM IS A CONTINUOUS PROGRAM. You may join our program at any time and the monthly tuition will be prorated accordingly.  Your child will remain enrolled in our program until you inform us that you are discontinuing lessons.


An annual registration fee for each student is due with the first registration of the calendar year.  The registration fees are $35 for each family member, maximum of $105 per family. For River Club Members at our Richmond location, the annual registration fee is $35 per family member, maximum of $105. Any registration fees paid after November 1st will be extended through the following year.


15 lessons value package

  • $ 490 – 45 minutes lessons, (add 5 % GST),
  • (The 2nd child – 15 CAD off, the 3rd child -20 CAD off, if you buy 15 lessons package)
  • $ 475 -with family discount, (add 5 % GST),
  • $ 470 – with family discount, (add 5 % GST).


10 lessons short package:

  • $ 360 – 45 minutes lessons, (add 5 % GST)


SWIM TEAM: package 15 lessons:

$420 – 45 minutes lessons, (add 5 % GST $ 21.00) = $441.00

A trial lesson 45 min – $40.00 + GST$2.00= $42.00

A private lesson 45 min – $90.00 + GST$4.50= $94.50

A semi-private lesson (two students) – $50.00 +GST $2.50=$52.50



We take credit and debit cards, checks and cash.

All registration fees and tuition are due at the time of enrollment and are non-refundable.  We reserve the right to change or cancel any class at any time.


If you are planning on discontinuing lessons, you must notify us in writing or by email to (info@marinaswimschool.com). You will receive an email confirming the cancellation of your lessons. If you do not receive an email confirmation, please contact us to confirm your cancellation.  There will be no refunds for any reason. Please do not ask us to make any exceptions.



For makeup lessons, students need to take an extra lesson on another day. Makeup lessons must be scheduled on a separate day of the week within an active (current) swim lesson package. Makeup lessons cannot be scheduled during the regular swim class date and time. Students JCC location will be rescheduled at another location. Each makeup lesson will be a charge of $10. Due to the busy nature of our pool, additional makeup classes are not guaranteed and are based on availability. All make-up lessons are question of availability of the schedule.

  • 15 Lessons Package: We’ll be happy to give one free makeup classes per session 15 lessons only. During the set, you can schedule up to one makeup for any class you had missed.

Private/ Semi-Private Package: Private students who would like to make up a missed class will do so in a regular group class.

HOW TO MAKEUP A MISSING LESSON?                                                                               

 Step 1:

  • Contact to the office of School by email. (info@marinaswimschool.com)
  • Ask for a Makeup Swimming Lesson Application Form.

Step 2:

  • Fill out the form
  • Send back to us.



*We will process your request within 24 hours.



If a student is going to miss two or more lessons, we can take credit for the rest of regular lessons of the package (put on hold). The credit is valid for 12 months. When a student will be ready come back for swimming, you must contact us and make a new schedule. We don’t guarantee the same day and time, like it was before. Makeup lessons aren’t transferable to credit.


  • Contact to the office of School by email. (info@marinaswimschool.com)


For any missed classes students have a chance to do a makeup lesson on a different day than the regular scheduled class.
The makeup lesson must be done during an active package. There is no prolonging a package with makeup lessons. Students may purchase another package to add to the existing makeup lessons onto a new package.

  • All makeup lessons are $10.
  • All Private or Semi-Private makeup lessons are to be done in a group class.
  • Students who have purchased a 15-lesson package are offered one free complimentary makeup lesson.
  • To book a makeup lesson please email info@marinaswimschool.com
  • Or fill out a makeup lesson form provided at the reception desk and we will get back to you with availability.


If you know in advance that your child will miss several lessons, or if your child will be out for an extended time due to illness or vacation, we recommend that you put on hold your lessons. The remaining swim lessons will be held on your Marina’s Swim School account for 12 months from the date of issue. No refunds will be issued.

No classes will be credited for past missed lessons if you fail to notify us in writing prior to your extended absence.

If you suspend your lessons for any reason, we cannot guarantee the same swim schedule or instructor when you are ready to return. We will do our best to accommodate you; however, some instructors and certain hours are difficult to schedule.


If a student is not toilet trained or toilet trained for less than 6 months, he/she must wear a disposable swim diaper and an approved cloth swim diaper to assure a double layer of protection. The cloth swim diaper must pass the two-finger test (if 2 fingers can be inserted under the elastic in the legs and waist, the swim diaper is too large and the child will not be permitted in the water). Disposable swim diapers alone do not pass the Board of Health Code for public pools.


Please do not let children enter the pool area until the teacher calls for them. All children must be supervised by parents when not in the water.  Additional water time is at the instructor’s discretion based on safety factors.


Photos and videos are occasionally taken at Marina’s Swim School and are used for Marina’s Swim School website, publicity purposes and on social media such as Facebook and YouTube. Please indicate on your registration form if you would not like your child’s photo or video used.


We email our customers regularly with information, newsletters, upcoming events and promotions. Please update your contact information on our office

Information and Registration: (e) The information in the Registration Form is true and correct; and the undersigned acknowledges that he/she has read and understood all policies and information contained in this Authorization, Release and Acknowledgement form and the registration form.

After purchasing a package, the fee is non-refundable once lessons start.
Students may put their lessons on hold and use the remaining credit up to one year.


Marina Swim School management thanks you for your understanding.